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Award Winners
Session Chair: Gregorio Robles

Most Influential Paper from ICSM 2008 Award

  • "Duplicate bug reports considered harmful... really?" by Nicolas Bettenburg, Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann and Sunghun Kim.

ICSME 2018 IEEE TCSE Distinguished Paper Awards

  • "Test Re-prioritization in Continuous Testing Environments" by Yue Cai Zhu, Emad Shihab and Peter Rigby.
  • "Are Bug Reports Enough for Text Retrieval-based Bug Localization?" by Chris Mills, Jevgenija Pantiuchina, Esteban Parra, Gabriele Bavota and Sonia Haiduc.
  • "Improving API Caveats Accessibility by Mining API Caveats Knowledge Graph" by Hongwei Li, Sirui Li, Jiamou Sun, Xuejiao Zhao, Zhenchang Xing, Xin Peng and Mingwei Liu.
  • "Beyond Metadata: Code-centric and Usage-based Analysis of Known Vulnerabilities in Open-source Software" by Serena E. Ponta, Henrik Plate and Antonino Sabetta.

Distinguished Reviewer Awards

    To be announced during the banquet.